A Heart for Gwinnett

Together with the citizens of District 2, Lynette will lead our amazing county forward in the right direction. 

P.O. Box 920362 Peachtree Corners, GA 30010

First Term Record of Accomplishment

Balancing the Budget

For all four years of her term, Lynette ensured the  county lived within its means while maintaining the county's 3AAA bond rating.

Reducing Crime

Lynette started the Crime Free Multi Housing program in the Gwinnett Place Mall area that cut crime by 50%.

Strengthening Ethics

Lynette voted for the strongest ethics laws in Gwinnett's history and  now reviewing ethics policies is part of the county's practices.

My Mission

Making stronger communities one piece at a time. District 2 is the most diverse district in the southeastern U.S. We are building on the richness of our cultures, not making excuses, but enlightening and creating a positive difference!

Public Safety

Keeping Gwinnett safe and a great place to live and work will always be a top priority.


Without raising taxes, we must find new revenue sources to fund vital services.


Working together on key topics is crucial to our county's development.


I will continue to hold meetings so all District 2 constituents can voice their opinions.

Economic Development

I'll work with Partnership Gwinnett and the Gwinnett Village CID to bring new investments.

Planning & Development

Gwinnett's new UDO (Unified Development Ordinance) must be reviewed and modified to keep Gwinnett competitive, keep our communities strong, and plan the Gwinnett of the future.

My Promise: I work for you and with you.

A coummunity leader committed to you...

Lynette will continue to serve the citizens of District 2 as a trusted community servant, not a politician.

As your commissioner, Lynette will continue to: 

              •   Listen and then respond to community concerns

              •   Put the district's vision ahead of her own gain

              •   Be accountable to the voters of District 2 

P.O. Box 920362

Peachtree Corners, GA 30010